Rules and Regulations

The Meat and Potatoes

The tournament follows all laws of the game as stated in the FIFA Laws of the Game booklet. There are, however, some tournament specifics and a few extra rules that we’ve added to both keep the peace and make it more realistic for the demands of the beer-leaguer physique.


The tournament consists of a 11v11 Men’s Competition, a 11v11 Women’s Competition, and a 7v7 Coed Fun Competition, with all competitions divided into groups. All competitions will consist of two stages – a group stage and a round of finals. The finals round may vary depending on the number of teams that register for that competition. Registered teams will receive notice of the final formatting of their competition before the schedule is released. All matches:

  • will be 2 x 30 minute halves, except Coed games which will be 2 x 25 minute halves
  • will have 5 minute half-time breaks
  • will be separated by 10 minute breaks to allow for the following match’s warm-up and/or if penalties are needed to decide the previous match’s winner

Group stage games may end in a draw. If temperatures meet or exceed 28 °C referees will be told to include 2 minute water breaks at the midway point of both halves. Depending on the number of entries in a specific competition, the competition format may need to change to accommodate field availability.

Group Stage Points System, Tie-Breaker & Extra Time

Win – 3 Pts.
Loss – 0 Pts.
Draw – 1 Pt.
Forfeit – 2-0 loss (if you forfeit a game at a tournament, something’s wrong…)

If teams are even on points at the conclusion of the Group stage, the following tie-breaker system will be used to determine which team advances:

  1. Head-to-head between teams
  2. Goals for/against (+/-)
  3. Goals against
  4. Coin Flip or Most Beer Drank Between Teams (if we’re sober enough to record this)

There will be no extra time for games as we must adhere to a tight schedule. Final games that aren’t decided by regulation time will move directly to penalties. If the outdoor fields are flooded due to excessive rain, all efforts will be made to move the threatened games to a usable artificial turf field. This may force us to shorten game lengths and drown our sorrows in pints of beer.

Match Conduct

We will be employing some rules that obviously differ from what Overlord FIFA states in the Laws of the Game. These include:

  • All players must show some form of picture ID before each match (player card, driver’s license, student card, etc…)
  • Men’s and Women’s games will have max 3 subs at one time during a stoppage in play (at center field, please. Nothing irks me more than…)
  • Coed games can have max 3 subs at one time during play (on the fly) or during stoppages
  • 2 yellow cards accumulated at any point throughout the tournament will result in suspension for the next game after the second card was received (similar to what they do in UEFA and FIFA tourneys. Yes we’re as big as the Champions League, don’t tell us any different)
  • The refs will be told to be extremely strict (i.e. lots of bookings) in enforcing foul play and language – we all have to work on Monday so let’s try to keep it clean out there

Rights of the Organizing Committee

The TOC has the following rights:

  1. To ban any players on rosters that are not from eligible divisions (yes we will do this, you have been warned)
  2. To adjudicate any disciplinary issues, including banning players from playing the remainder of the tournament (once again, we all work on Monday…) and passing the suspension notice on to the player’s respective district for them to carry forward
  3. To tell you you haven’t drank enough beer yet (don’t be shameful, bottoms up!)
  4. To make decisions regarding any other matter that might come up during the tournament (ah yes the all-encompassing clause)

For info on which teams and players are eligible for each of the three competitions, check out the Team and Player Eligibility page.