From Out Of Town?

Location: Forest Park, Saskatoon


Details of an accommodations package are currently being worked out. If you want to get a head start, the three closest areas to the fields for hotel rooms would be on Circle Drive East, Circle Drive South and Clarence Avenue, and 8th Street East.

Party Time!

If you or your team are coming from out of town, we hope you party it up this weekend at any of the different pubs, clubs, and indoor/outdoor attractions Saskatoon has to offer. There are tons of pubs and clubs around the city. Downtown has a good mix, from Winston’s English Pub (with the largest beer selection in the city), to Congress Beer House, to The Woods, where you can try Paddock Wood local microbrew beer. The Sutherland Bar is the closest club to the fields, so if you’re looking to go clubbing this is probably your best bet. You could also try The Hose & Hydrant on Broadway Avenue or The Spadina Freehouse downtown for some dancing. Tournaments are never as fun unless there’s some solid partying involved.