Team And Player Eligibility

Who can play in this thing?

The 2015 Saskatoon Celtic Invitational is split into separate competitions for Men’s, Women’s, and Coed Fun teams.¬†Coed Fun is open to all registered players and teams no matter your district or league. For all Men’s and Women’s teams and players, eligibility is as follows:

11v11 Men’s
11v11 Women’s
Division 5 – 7
Division 4 – 6
Division 4 – 6
Division 3 only
Prince Albert
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Moose Jaw
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Division 4 A – D, not Tier 4
Division 4 A – D
Division 6 A – C
Division 5 A & B
Medicine Hat
All Men’s teams and players
All Women’s teams and players
Red Deer
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All competitions guarantee a minimum of 3 games and we’re thinking a max of 4 games but we haven’t decided yet. 20 players may dress for the 11v11 Men’s and Women’s Competitions, while 18 may dress for the 7v7 Coed Fun Competition.

If you have any questions regarding the different competitions, or if you are an individual player that would like help getting on a team, please email us or phone us via the Contact Us page.

For the tournament format for each of the three competitions, check out the Rules and Regulations page (oooh sounds professional!)